Gender, Race, Politics & Social Movements


Units: 6

Description: Gender, Politics, and Social Movements in the US and across the World This course is geared to achieve four main goals: 1.-Studying and analyzing women’s political participation in the U.S. and in selected countries across the world. Among the topics covered in the lectures, discussions and presentations are the expansion of political rights, the role of women as political leaders, and the overall participation of women in the political process. Within the U.S., we will pay special attention to the political rights and participation of both racial and sexual minorities. 2.-Analyzing the evolution of women’s economic rights in the U.S. including the wage gap and the glass ceiling in different professions and in different sectors of the economy. The economic status of black and Latina women will be analyzed as well. 3.-Studying the impact that selected social policies have on women and providing recommendations to make them more equitable. 4.- Studying and analyzing the role that social movements have had in the expansion of women’s rights. We will analyze critical social movements that have been at the center of the process of change, as well as the role that those movements have had in the promotion human rights and democracy in countries living under dictatorships, or fighting for independence and freedom.

Learning Outcomes: Skills: The course emphasizes the development of analytical skills. Students will develop these analytical skills in different forms: Class discussions which will allow the students to develop the ability to analyze, discuss, and defend different policy positions in an academic environment Writing policy memos: It is critical for all of us to be able to summarize a problem, present possible solutions, and recommend policies/solutions to others. The policy memos allow the students to develop these very important skills. Typically, students are expected to assume the role of a policy maker and provide specific policies to the President or another important policy maker. The policy memos emphasize the use of relevant data, the analysis of the problem, and the policy design. Group presentation: Group presentations are geared to allow the student to develop the ability to work in a project with other students, learn about a specific topic in depth, and prepare a class presentation using either power point or class handouts. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the presentation the instructor meets with the student about a week before the presentation to set the specific topics and parameters of the presentation. The handout or slides need to be submitted to the instructor at least 24hours before the presentation. The instructor will review the slides or handouts in order to verify the effectiveness of the presentation. Analytical essays: The final exam consists of two analytical essays and/ or policy memos.

Syllabus: 90-703_Women_and_Public_Policy_Syllabus_S19.pdf