Intermediate Economic Analysis


Units: 12


This is a course in economics relevant to public policy and management for those who already have some familiarity and facility with basic economics. In this course we will focus on microeconomics, which is the study of individuals, firms, and markets.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course a student will:

  • Be familiar with microeconomic concepts and analysis that are essential to good managerial and policy decisions.
  • Be able to use economic analysis in evaluating public policy issues.
  • Be able to apply these concepts and analysis in other courses taken at Heinz, e.g., Management Science, Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Management Control Systems, Negotiation, Public Policy and the Internet, Systems Synthesis, etc.
  • Be able to critically evaluate economic arguments in public policy debates. You should be able to understand and critically evaluate articles and op-eds about economics in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. You will be able to impress and amaze friends and family with your deep insights and critical understanding of current economic events when such discussions arise over the cheese dip or arguing with your Uncle Edgar.

Prerequisites Description

Some reasonable familiarity with basic economics and graphs and basic algebra. Usually a course in principles of economics will suffice.