Writing for Public Policy


Units: 6

Description: Professional writing, or writing for business-focused, industry-specific contexts, differs from academic writing in objective, audience, structure, style, and format. It focuses more on problem solving than on exposition of ideas and is generally targeted to diverse audiences with varying levels of expertise. Therefore, effective writing in the workplace often requires adapting writing skills and habits to meet reader’s needs. Additionally, when hiring recent graduates for a mid-level position, employers identify writing skills as one of the top five factors signaling leadership potential. Whether you’re looking to maximize the impact of your communications at work, seeking project funding, or looking to increase your visibility on-line, this seven-week mini course will prepare you to assume a leadership role in your industry through effective written communication. This course will not only help you refine the essentials of workplace writing, but will also provide strategies, guidelines, and best practices for writing the kinds of industry-specific documents that policy, information security/systems, and creative industry professionals need. This course is designed for experienced writers who want to take their skills to the next level. This course assumes basic proficiency in English grammar.

Syllabus: 90-717_Writing_for_Public_Policy_Syllabus_F18_Rosenberg.pdf