Writing for Public Policy


Units: 6

Description: Communication in written form is an essential element of being a public policy professional. Writing for consulting firms, government agencies, think tanks, advocacy groups, industry associations, and other contexts in the sphere of public policy differs from academic writing. Accordingly, this course challenges students to convey critical thinking by anticipating readers’ needs and the perspectives of stakeholders in the practice of shaping public policy. The writing skills integral to this process include: developing essential and persuasive content, communicating complex ideas, organizing information, targeting diverse audiences with varying levels of expertise and roles, ensuring clarity, moderating tone, and maintaining format norms. Students will analyze real-world documents relevant to careers in public policy, craft strategic quotes for news releases, as well as write policy one-pagers and memos. Writing resources and sample documents (e.g. fact sheets, one-pagers, policy briefs and memos, press releases, proposals for funding, etc.) will be provided.

Syllabus: 90-717_Writing_for_Public_Policy_Syllabus_S19.pdf