Strategic Presentation Skills


Units: 6

Description: Strategic Presentation Skills provides practical instruction for preparing and delivering professional presentations. Activities and assignments include: analyzing audience members, writing outlines, creating cohesive visuals, and speaking extemporaneously. Students target and engage specific audiences using a communication style suitable for workplace environments. Overall, the course helps students develop confidence and apply effective techniques when speaking in a public setting.

Learning Outcomes: COURSE OBJECTIVES (using Bloom’s revised taxonomy) Students will be able to... Remember: Identify elements requisite for effective presentations: message effectiveness (e.g., strong introduction, smooth transitions, logical flow, closure), verbal skills (e.g., pace, clarity, filler words), and nonverbal skills (e.g., gestures, eye contact, posture). Understand: Compare/contrast effective and ineffective presentations based on rubric elements. Apply: Adapt the message to the perspectives of various stakeholders through written and oral communications. Analyze: Analyze recorded presentations (e.g., impromptu speeches, briefings, webinars) and write reflections. Evaluate: Provide feedback to peers and complete self-evaluations. Create: Produce effective presentations for a variety of academic and professional contexts.

Syllabus: 90-718_286.pdf