Strategic Presentation Skills


Units: 6


This course focuses on creating and delivering credible, professional, and meaningful presentations for a variety of audiences. Students will learn to connect with their audiences and increase their confidence when standing before a group or camera. These skills are important to students, job-seekers, and professionals, and while the experience of presenting isn’t everyone’s favorite (or forte), they are frequently evaluated across most career industries. In addition to honing their own techniques, students will also learn to work together to deliver a message as a group, as well as gain tips to relax and avoid common presentation pitfalls.

Learning Outcomes

The following learning objectives will be assessed through student individual and group presentations and self/peer evaluations:
• Identify and use appropriate elements for effective presentations
• Adapt message accordingly to connect with audiences
• Design and deliver logical, evidence-based, trustworthy information in an accessible format
• Understand and differentiate techniques necessary for specific types of presentations

Prerequisites Description