Strategic Presentation Skills


Units: 6


Strategic Presentation Skills provides practical instruction for preparing and delivering professional presentations. Activities and assignments include: developing targeted, strategic messages; structuring content; designing meaningful visuals; working cohesively in a group presentation; and exploring new technologies. Students engage specific audiences using a communication style (both verbal and nonverbal) suitable for workplace environments. Overall, the course helps students develop confidence and apply effective techniques when speaking in a public setting.   

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast effective versus ineffective professional presentations
  • Conduct an audience analysis and adapt messages to particular audience members
  • Establish a professional presence through nonverbal communication
  • Structure a logical, cohesive message via verbal and visual transitional devices
  • Maintain time constraints, clarity in voice projection, and eye contact
  • Design and utilize visuals (e.g. slides, logos, photographs, tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams) effectively
  • Engage effectively with attendees and respond eloquently to questions from the audience
  • Provide productive feedback to peers
  • Explore technologies relevant to public speaking
  • Self-evaluate professional development as a public speaker

Prerequisites Description