From Postal Networks to Community Places


Units: 12

Description: This seminar is intended to provide an introduction to a number of key issues in criminal justice relating to crime and punishment. It is also intended to introduce students to basic data and research methods for analysis of key policy issues related to crime and to the operation of the criminal justice system.

Learning Outcomes: This course will both explore how and where to integrate innovative solutions within the Postal Service network through human centered design and place making. By crafting a series of scenarios and playbooks, targeting a subset of postal real-estate that is near closure - students will develop an approach to adaptive reuse and community engagement to save the post office. Incorporating solutions that address energy usage; access to healthy food; leverage smart technologies; students will work in interdisciplinary teams to envision concepts for building community resilience. For part of this course we will be working alongside community members from Homewood, PA. in their former postal facility.