Financial Analysis of Non-Profits


Units: 6

Description: In this course you will learn how to access and evaluate financial information of private, not-for-profit organizations in their Form 990 and Audited Financial Statements. Topics covered include measures of effectiveness, measuring and reporting income from contributions, capital campaigns, and endowments, and cash flow analysis. In addition, you will learn how to prepare simple budgets for NPOs and how to use breakeven analysis to optimize management decisions.

Learning Outcomes: Locate financial, governance, and accountability information about NPOs 1 Describe and explain typical accounts found in NPO financial reports 2 Use the relationships between the financial statements and accounts to infer financial activity in a not-for-profit organization 3 Prepare and analyze a five year trend analysis for an NPO 4 Recognize, identify and interpret trends in five-year financial statements 5 Clearly articulate, using proper terminology, the information contained in nonprofit financial statements and the Form 990 and in a five-year trend analysis

Prerequisites: 90-723 or 95-715 or 91-804

Syllabus: 90-744_Nonprofit_Statements_and_Analysis_Sylllabus_S19.pdf