Methods of Policy Analysis – The Trump Presidency and America’s Economic Future


Units: 12

Description: In response to recent events, the curriculum of 90-745 has been rewritten to help Heinz students (and other interested CMU students) understand how the Trump Administration will impact the global economy and the American economy. Despite low unemployment and high stock prices, a large group of American voters were clearly dissatisfied enough with the status quo to vote for a candidate promising radical change in November 2016. How much has the nature and direction of policy changed, and what might we expect going forward? Students will receive updates and analyses from DC’s top think tanks and from veterans of previous Administrations. We will study what Mr. Trump’s senior executive appointments signal concerning his policy intentions, and we will forecast the implications of these policies for your future and America’s future. In addition to following the evolution of economic policy in the first year of the Trump Administration, this course will place those shifts in the broader context of the deeper structural changes taking place in the U.S. and global economies. The course will also involve students directly in the world of policymaking by assigning them to project teams that will provide original policy analyses for a government agency or think tank.

Syllabus: 90-745_MOPA_International_Syllabus_S17.pdf