Advanced Geographical Information Systems


Units: 6


Advanced Geographic Information Systems will explore timely and relevant topics affecting our world today and build on skills learned in the first GIS course. The structure of the course will be a mix of individual and project-based group work. Highlighted topics for Fall 2019 will include: - Crowdsourced / field data collection (ArcGIS Publisher / Explorer, Survey123, and operation dashboards) - Web-based GIS (Google Maps, Github / ArcGIS / Mapbox integrations for web-based output) - GIS ethics (privacy, mobile phone device collection and mapping) - Production GIS (project management, customization, project scoping and delivery) A solid foundation in Geographic Information Systems in general and significant experience with ArcGIS Pro is required. Students should feel comfortable investigating and working with applications and methods unfamiliar to them, and demonstrate a willingness to learn, experiment and take initiative when working on individual and group-based project work.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explain ethical issues around personal geographic information.

2. Develop GIS applications and tools for a particular audience, and know how to validate whether they're working or not.

3. Apply geographic information systems in real world environments.

4. Justify design decisions, evaluate and apply best-practices.

Prerequisites Description:

90834 or 94802