Spatial Data Science with ArcGIS Pro


Units: 6


Advanced Geographic Information Systems will explore timely and relevant topics affecting our world today and build on skills learned in the first GIS course.  The structure of the course will be a mix of individual and project-based group work. 

Topics covered include Web-based GIS (Google Maps, Github / ArcGIS / Mapbox integrations for web-based output), Production GIS (project management, customization, project scoping and delivery), and Spatial Data Science.   Additional, timely topics may be introduced as the course progresses. 

A solid foundation in Geographic Information Systems in general and significant experience with ArcGIS Pro is required.  Students should feel comfortable investigating and working with applications and methods unfamiliar to them without always having the benefit of a step-by-step guide, and demonstrate a willingness to learn, experiment and take initiative when working on individual and group-based project work. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn to apply and further build on your GIS skills to produce real products and services.
  2. Learn how to manage and scope GIS projects, work on GIS teams, and deliver GIS resources. 
  3. Utilize and integrate other GIS technologies (e.g. MapBox, others)  to meet real-world needs, affect change and integrate data into other platforms.
  4. Explore the world of Spatial Data Science and gain insights into how to conduct more advanced geospatial analysis. 
  5. Analyze key geospatial technology challenges and opportunities of the present, near-present and future through the lense of ethical use, personal privacy and policy.
  6. Develop an on-line portfolio that represents your learning. 

Prerequisites Description

90834 or 94802