Management Science II


Units: 6


This course, along with its companions (90-722 Management Science I: Decision and Risk Modeling, 94-833 Decision Analysis and Multi-Criteria Decision Making, and 95-760 Decision Making Under Uncertainty) are introductory courses in analytics and management science that survey a variety of hands-on quantitative and modeling methods useful to decision makers and analysts.  90-760 focuses on methods for making decisions in the face of uncertainty, including forecasting, Monte Carlo simulation, and queuing theory.  Normally Heinz PPM, HCPM, MBTM, and MEIM students take 90-722 & 90-760, whereas MISM students take 95-760 which pulls examples from the information systems context. Both tracks feed into 94-833, although students with a strong quantitative background can take 94-833 in the first year; No pre-requisite of the other courses are actually a prerequisite for 94-833.  Prerequisites: Ability to work with concepts from probability is required (Binomial and Normal random variables, distributions more generally, computation of mean & standard deviation, event probabilities, Bayes Rule, etc.). Some concepts in 90-760 are easier to grasp if one knows regression, but regression per se is not a prerequisite.  The course uses Excel intensively. If you have not already taken 90-722 or become proficient with Excel in some other way, you should work through some Excel tutorials before the course begins.