Pennsylvania Data Impact Lab


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The Pennsylvania Data Impact Lab is a course, lab, and research service that provides data analysis and insights that inform the policy decisions of state leadership. Hosted at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College, and operating under the auspices of Team Pennsylvania, a public-private partnership that develops programs to improve Pennsylvania’s economy, the Data Impact Lab is an independent, non-partisan resource that provides a thorough analysis of data relevant to state decision making. In response to research questions from the state, the Data Impact Lab: - Performs a deep analysis of current data; - Looks at all sides of an issue; - Remains unbiased and evidence-based; - Explores the best way of presenting the data so that it is understandable and actionable, such as explaining a complex piece of legislation in an infographic. The focus of the Data Impact Lab's work is to present the potential impact of the data underpinning policy decisions. Data Impact Lab services and outputs include: - Analyses and reports - Data and other visualizations - GIS mapping and interpretations - Database construction - Recommendations based on data analysis As public policy issues become increasingly complex, the need for evidence-based, insightful and comprehensive analysis has become increasingly vital. The Data Impact Lab brings interdisciplinary resources and critical thinking to bear on the data that will help guide the state now and into the future.

Prerequisites Description:

90707 or 90711 or 90777 or 95796 or 91801