Public Private Partnerships I: Theory and Design


Units: 6

Description: Both governments and the private sector continue to grow their knowhow in using Public Private Partnerships (PPP's) for providing infrastructure. The result is the creation of a substantial body of research and theory on both the method and management of these projects. Much of it is based on successes as well as the lessons learned from projects that experienced problems and some that just plain failed. This accumulated knowledge provides students with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the successes and failures so they and the governments they serve can learn from the experiences of others, avoiding the need to learn about the pitfalls the hard way. Carnegie Mellon University Australia has designed two, complementary courses to give students a comprehensive understanding of both PPP theory and the successful delivery and management of PPP projects. The courses draw upon both established theory as well as case studies. The content also focuses on developing management skills specific to the area of PPP's, particularly the successful execution of PPPs in the context of developing countries.