Intermediate Programming with Python


Units: 6


This seven-week course is the follow-on to Introduction to Programming with Python. It assumes basic knowledge of Python control constructs, functions, files, data structures, and the numpy library.  The course will cover gathering data from various sources including web scraping, web API's, CSV and other structured data files, and databases; data cleansing; using the pandas library for data analysis; regular expressions and other string processing methods; classes and object-oriented programming; and building real-world software applications.

Please note: Students who complete 90-819 should not go on to take 90-812 Introduction to Programming with Python or 95-888 Data Focused Python.  If you have already completed 95-888 Data Focused Python, you should not register for this course.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, each student will be able to:

- write Python applications for data-analysis problems

- understand the concepts and use the constructs of Python libraries, including numpy, pandas, and the re (regular expression) package.

- load, cleanse, and process data

- use Web API's and/or web scraping to download data

- create, load, and process data in a relational database

- write object-oriented programs

Prerequisites Description

90-812 Introduction to Programming with Python

Equivalent knowledge may be demonstrated through passing the Introduction to Programming with Python Exemption Exam, or through completion of a course covering equivalent material: Basic programming concepts in Python, including variables, operators, decision statements, looping statements, functions, files, built-in data structures, and common Python libraries.