Health Policy and Management Systems


Units: 6

Description: Health Systems is a foundation course intended to introduce students to many of the broad subjects that will be detailed in more advanced course work. This introduction provides a framework to aid students in navigating from public policy through to healthcare delivery. Public policy is the study of the written and unwritten principles on which law is based. Laws and regulations translate policy into action. Public policy and laws form the basis of health policy. Health policy is supported by: - Public health initiatives focused on preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health for the entire population. (i.e. diabetes awareness) - Population health is interested in the outcomes of individual groups and the distribution of outcomes among the groups. (i.e. income equality and infant mortality) - Healthcare delivery is focused on access, quality and cost. At this time in our history, Healthcare Reform best embodies the intent of this aspect of health policy. Through the use of group assignments, students will create a model which links external environment into healthcare delivery profitability. Modeling is a form of combining individual technical components with the greater knowledge and conceptualization of the entire process. Its promise is to promote better decision making by envisioning how micro decisions interconnect to mission, goals and outcomes. Utilizing the two textbook books, students will gain an understanding of the topics of health policy, public health, population health and healthcare delivery.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to: - Navigate the basic structures of the U.S. government - Identify the government agencies involved in the U.S. Health Care system - Identify U.S. Code of Law (COL) associated with the Health Care System - Identify U.S. Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) that codifies the COL - Perform a PEST Analysis to determine the effectiveness of COL to CFR translation - Identify the structural components and business model of the U.S. Healthcare Delivery System - Develop a Provider Model to obtain a basic understanding of how disease translates into revenue and cost

Syllabus: 90-836_Health_Policy_Management_Systems_Syllabus_F18.pdf