Database Management for Policy Analytics


Units: 12


This semester-long course on database management systems is intended for students studying data analytics in non-technical graduate degree programs.  The course provides these students a solid understanding of concepts, and development of skills relevant for the efficient and successful management, access, and analysis of small or big data captured by relational database systems.   In addition to coverage of important theories and concepts, students will develop knowledge of and skill in using the Oracle 12C Database Management System, a relational database management platform utilized by many organizations. Topics covered include: fundamental concepts of database management systems; the relational model including relational algebra; SQL and Advanced SQL including query optimization and tuning; conceptual data modeling using UML, logical database design, including normalization; physical database organization and data access methods; database APIs; data preprocessing for analytics; overview of other analytic-related data technologies such as NoSQL, data warehousing, and data lakes.

Learning Outcomes

1. Develop a deep knowledge of the relational data model.

2. Create conceptual database models using the UML diagramming notation.

3. Interpret a variety of data models to construct useful and efficient queries and reports using Structured Query Language (SQL).

4. Leverage an understanding of data access methods to identify and implement various approaches to improve query performance.

5. Describe the use of application programming interfaces for accessing databases. 

6. Describe and implement various SQL-based techniques for preprocessing analytic data. 

7. Explain the characteristics, objectives, benefits, and disadvantages of other analytic-related data technologies including data warehouses, data lakes, and NoSQL databases.

Prerequisites Description

Admission to the MSPPM-DA program, or successful completion of 90-728 Introduction to Database Management