Global Health Security


Units: 3

Description: This “micro-mini” course serves as an introduction to global health security and its intricate links to international relations and international development. With the accelerating interconnectedness between societies and economies, new forms of health security threats are arising, and nations are investing more in mutual preparedness and conducting new forms of “soft power” diplomacy to mitigate those risks. In recent years, the field has expanded greatly with governments, companies and NGOs investing more resources and efforts across many sectors. Due to limited time, this micro- mini can only highlight selected threat categories. The primary focus will be the “3-D threats” of Disaster, Disease, and Disorder, with complex humanitarian crises showcasing the latter threat. To illustrate factors at work, time will be devoted to “deep dives” using case studies and readings on prominent events. The course will serve as an active “policy laboratory” in which your ideas are catalyzed and then shaped with the participation of your cohort. Useful frameworks will be employed to simplify the dynamics within complex situations, and to organize your thinking about actions and options. Activating these skills will embed your ability to think more clearly about policy domains, strategic goals, and implementation. The course welcomes all learners from a wide range of knowledge, from the novice to the experienced. The course relies on active participation that feeds a mutual learning environment and that catalyzes and reveals students’ ideas as they occur, thereby fostering an at-the-ready style of nimble thinking and conversing.

Syllabus: DC_90-839_Global_Health_Security_Syllabus_S19.pdf