Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development


Units: 12

Description: How do new companies get started? How do existing businesses convert new ideas into ventures that enhance (or even fundamentally change) their mission and objectives? Why is it important to nurture a new business idea and give it a fair chance of succeeding by creating a solid business plan? What is a business plan, anyway, and how do you create one? Who is the audience for your business plan? How do you present a business plan to key decision makers and other stakeholders? This course, organized into three distinct modules, is designed to answer these kinds of questions and many more: • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development provides an overview of new venture planning and how to create an effective plan (in-person); • Business Plan Development is dedicated to actual business plan formulation (online / virtual activities); and • Business Plan Presentation focuses on developing a compelling and effective approach to describing a new venture (in-person). In Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development, we’ll cover a variety of topics including: • Conceiving a viable venture • Determining whether the idea is entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial • Evaluating the opportunity • Validating the opportunity through market research • Conducting competitive analysis • Understanding competitive barriers • Initiating a marketing strategy • Putting the right management team in place • Creating a financial model • Outlining the necessary milestones for successful implementation The foundational topics covered in this module (which can help you start almost anything!) will get you ready to develop a comprehensive business plan in a series of steps from a project summary to a “Business Model Canvas” to a first draft through to the finished product – “The Plan” – and a presentation to excite and elicit support from those who matter.

Learning Outcomes: 1. Provide a step-by-step introduction to the concepts needed to “ideate” a new business, prepare a compelling plan, arrange for capitalization, and launch an impactful new venture. 2. Obtain the basic knowledge and language needed to participate effectively in discussions and negotiations, and ask the right questions of investors, customers, and stakeholders. 3. Get you excited about embarking on a journey to more deeply consider the opportunity you have to launch a financially viable venture, either as a separate concern or part of an existing organization, which addresses an unmet market need.

Syllabus: 90-845_Entrepreneurship_and_Business_Plan_Development_Syllabus_F18.pdf