Leadership/Management Seminar: How Washington Works


Units: 6


f you want to get something accomplished in Washington you need to know how it works.  The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the important institutions/sectors in Washington, the context of why they are important and how they interact with each other.  Additionally the class will explore how each student's fellowship placement organization works through organizational analysis.  Regardless of whether you are a policy or management analyst in the public or private sector in Washington, understanding how Washington works will help you produce higher quality products and more impactful analysis.  Understanding the bigger picture will help you ask better questions and be more thorough.  Over the course of a Mini-semester, the students will learn about these organizations and functions through readings and lectures, and hear directly from leaders in these organizations and functions.

Each class session will be designed to understand the institution and function from prior readings supported by lecture, class discussion, and a conversation with a practitioner.