The Future of Learning and Education Policy


Units: 6

Description: This class offers a window into the future of education management, policy, and reform. It explores how advances in technology and data, and changes in policy and society, might affect the field of education, changing how we learn, and how children experience school. Will these changes fundamentally alter the approach to schooling that has been pervasive in the United States for over a century, or will it only affect specific aspects of this system? What innovation is happening in the field today, and what big ideas are emerging that might lead to more dramatic disruption? What are the implications of this change for educators, students, and parents? For society at large? How are the benefits likely to be distributed, and what are the potential unintended consequences? What would "success" look like? This course wrestles with these questions and more as it challenges students to anticipate the future of education management, policy, and reform, and figure out ways that Heinz students can contribute to ushering in this future in a way that is best for the human condition.