Policy and Leadership in Public Education


Units: 6


This course introduces students to policy issues in public education while simultaneously building the skills to lead change through authentic assignments and in-class collaboration. The course addresses both the "what" and the "how" of leading policy change, combining content presentation and discussion with an iterative approach to each assignment. The content of the course will consist of four aspects of education policy: 1) the basics: the purpose of schooling as well as the current structure and legislative landscape within K-12 public education in the United States, 2) what is taught: policy and practice around curriculum, standards, and assessment, 3) who teaches: human capital strategy and policy and 4) where does education take place: school design and structure, including opportunities for transforming how students learn.

Learning Outcomes:

- Describe the basic features of public education in the US including structure and major policy areas

- Identify and compare the differing perspectives related to a particular policy issue and construct a compelling argument for a policy change related to that issue

- Devise a strategy for effectively leading change in public education

- Articulate complex ideas orally and through writing in an organized and clear manner

Prerequisites Description: