Special Topics: New Technology Commercialization: Public Policy Strategies


Units: 6

Description: During this project-based class, students will develop non-market strategies for real-world clients. As defined, by David Baron, “The nonmarket environment consists of the social, political, and legal arrangements that structure interactions among companies and their public.” This class will focus on non-market strategies at the intersection of new technologies, public policies, and business. Entrepreneurs and innovators interested in commercializing technology in the biomedical, energy, transportation, information technology, robotics, aerospace, food, healthcare, and other industries require more than knowing whether a technology works and the potential market. Non-market factors such as regulations, standards, and grants influence product, price, location, research, development, and testing, and other decisions. As a result, public policies provide both opportunities and challenges for the commercialization of an invention. Only by recognizing these opportunities or overcoming these challenges can an invention become a commercialized innovation.