Healthcare Marketing


Units: 6

Description: Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value. In this course, students will gain a perspective on how the function of marketing links within an overall business system. The components of a marketing plan, the strategic plan, the brand plan and the business plan are detailed. Utilizing the textbook “Health Care Marketing – Tools and Techniques”, the student will gain an understanding of specific tools and techniques healthcare marketers use to gaining understanding. Past students have commented that working knowledge of these tools was of great benefit during job interviews. Healthcare is one of the most complex and highly regulated markets in the world. A simulation an industry team will demonstrate the student’s ability to navigate the healthcare value chain and think critically to create a winning strategy.

Learning Outcomes: Establishing a Marketing and Branding Plan within a real organization requires students to apply theory to a real-world situation. Like their real-world counterparts, student sub-teams will simultaneously be required to collaborate with each other while also focused on a customer objective. Project updates are due weekly so student progress is tested and marketing skills are under the watchful eye of a training coach. Students learn about all aspects of little “m” and big “M” by following the life cycle of a new software and service line and reacting to the marketplace. As big “M” requires a total view of the organization, teamwork among marketing with other functions is critical. This project promotes better decision making by helping the student see how marketing decisions are interconnected and must be managed as a whole. Students are faced with the pressures of delivering their project within a time line while simultaneously needing to deliver customer value to VERC.

Syllabus: 90-877_Health_Care_Marketing_Syllabus_S19.pdf