Public Policy & Decision Making


Units: 6

Description: This course will explore how to conduct complex (and concise) policy analysis that can be used to inform decision-makers, using the prism of policy analysis for Congress. The first part of the course will focus on the roles, interests, and operations of Congress and how it fits into the variety of governmental organizational settings. The class will then focus on learning how to develop non-partisan policy analysis on complex public policy issues. The first case study will be the use of contractors to support military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Students will then pick a public policy topic of their choosing and develop analytical products on their chosen topic.

Learning Outcomes: This course has three objectives: 1. To understand the role and interests of Congress and how Congress operates within the public policy process; 2. To learn how to conduct complex public policy analysis (taking into consideration legal, social, political, policy and other considerations); and 3. To learn how to transition from research and analysis to conceptualizing and developing new legislation and public policy including the regulatory process.