Washington Workshop


Units: 6


The Workshop is designed to assist students in getting the most out of their DC experience, specifically focused on helping students succeed in their Heinz Policy Fellowship and DC classes, reflect on these experiences to identify areas of learning and professional growth, and be poised to effectively launch their career in Washington.  The class will include:

  • Interactive workshops and events that introduce students to a variety of career development tools and training sessions to support their professional growth and gain an understanding of Washington;
  • Opportunities through in class discussions, peer-to-peer interactions and individual assignments to reflect on their internship/fellowship experiences and tie these professional experiences with academic learning; and
  • Mentoring/coaching of students in individual and peer settings to help them develop strong relationships and learn the skills to work through management issues or problems as they arise.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will learn a variety of tools for professional growth and will be given the opportunity to put them into practice during the current year.   Sessions will focus on developing your personal strengths, how congress works, managing up, teamwork, salary negotiation, project management and other topics as identified.  Communication will be a key emphasis this year through the Writers Workshop, which will focus on sharpening students’ professional writing skills, as well as opportunities to present and provide briefs.  Students should be able to understand concepts and practice them throughout the year through their fellowships and DC courses.