Policy Topics: Environmental Policy


Units: 6

Description: This class will challenge students to the consider and evaluate current environmental problems using different policy frameworks. Students will explore approaches from both environmental economics and policy, including regulatory, market-based, and voluntary tools. Students will apply their knowledge of cost-benefit analysis to controversial issues and discover and debate key challenges. The current issues will draw students to consider issues of governance, such as the reach of executive authority and the relationship between federal and state government. In exploring these matters of policy design and environmental management, the course will analyze issues in climate change, air quality, water policy, energy supply, and resource management.

Learning Outcomes: Apply critical thinking and policy evaluation skills to current environmental regulatory problems. - Policy Brief, Final Exam, Class Participation Analyze complexities of establishing relevant performance measures. - Policy Brief, Final Exam, Class Participation Evaluate the limits and opportunities for integrating scientific and technical information into decision making. - Policy Brief, Final Exam, Class Participation Articulate in oral and written form policies to build a sustainable future. - Policy Brief, Final Exam, Class Participation

Syllabus: DC_90-893_Policy_Topics_Environmental_Policy_Syllabus_S19.pdf