Ph.D. Seminar I


Units: 12

Description: This seminar is intended for all first-year PhD students in the Heinz College to introduce the research process and bring first-year students into the intellectual community at Heinz. The seminar includes presentations by Heinz College faculty, student presentations of existing research, and presentations from second-year Heinz College students. Through these experiences, students will • Become familiar with the kinds of research being done at Heinz • Find faculty and students with similar research interests • Understand the unseen steps (and missteps) along the way to a published paper • Experience presenting technical research to a diverse audience • Learn to provide helpful feedback on research presentations

Learning Outcomes: Explore a diversity of approaches to research and use those to develop a strong research proposal.

Syllabus: 90-901_PhD_Seminar_I_Syllabus_F18.pdf