Organizational Change


Units: 6

Description: This course focuses on the key processes of effective organizational change. Our objective is to provide frameworks and tools for successfully introducing and sustaining organizational change; then, to give you opportunities to practice using and customizing them to your particular change situation(s). Topics include diagnosis (assessment of need for change), initiation (start), implementation (carry out), and institutionalization of change (making it optimally effective and enduring). The course is organized around readings, reflections, presentations, discussions, cases, lectures, videos, exercises, and a project.

Learning Outcomes: 1. To understand the challenges and complexities of changes in complex organizations. 2. To acquire and learn to adapt frameworks for diagnosing organizational states, analyzing organizational change strategies, and implementing and institutionalizing change. 3. To practice using these frameworks in evaluating and planning change. 4. To understand change from the perspective of the person(s) initiating change, the person(s) receiving change, and broader stakeholders.

Syllabus: 91-809_Organizational_Change_Syllabus_S19.pdf