Conflict Resolution


Units: 6


Conflict is an inherent part of our social experience and present at all levels of our interactions, from intra- and interpersonal to intergroup and international. It can be simple and easily addressed or long lasting and complex. It can be destructive or spur our creativity. We experience conflict daily in our personal and professional lives: in our families, communities, organizations, and across international boundaries. This course introduces concepts and theories to create a foundational understanding of the sources of conflict, analyze conflict situations, and identify approaches and strategies that shift conflict from destructive to constructive processes.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore multiple frameworks aimed at deepening our understanding of conflict

  2. Appreciate the connection between understanding conflict and finding meaningful resolutions

    that address the needs of both parties

  3. Recognize the need for conflict transformation as a means of changing conflict dynamics and

    moving towards a positive future

Prerequisites Description