Entertainment Economics


Units: 6

Description: The course will provide an overview of the entertainment industry’s primary product sectors. Students will learn the laws of media that govern the economics and interconnectivity of those products. The required text provides an economist’s perspective on the history and behavior of the industry, while the class lectures provide contextual discussion time for students to hone their comprehension of said principles and debate where the industry is ultimately heading. Students may refine and adjust their own career interests within the industry as jobs and the organizational structure of the business are clarified. Ultimately, the course strives to challenge students to consider what might become their own fiscal and artistic responsibility within the evolution of the entertainment industry’s conceptual bases.

Learning Outcomes: o Learn the economic and business terminology of the entertainment sector’s main products: film, television, gaming, digital, publishing, music, and other media as time permits. o Illuminate an understanding of media, the laws that govern it, and the power it wields over culture and the economy. o Comprehend the overlapping corporate structure of the business, its content, spending, and revenue o Explore the fundamental economics behind investments and the process of asset and project evaluation. o Apply the information to student’s personal interests as to better aim them towards starting on a fulfilling career path.

Syllabus: 93-751_Entertainment_Economics_Syllabus_S19.pdf