Presenting Performing Arts & Festivals


Units: 6

Description: The role of the arts in contemporary society is undergoing sweeping change. Presenters facilitate exchange between communities and artists through wide-ranging performance, and increasingly (hybrid art forms) and educational experiences. This course takes a look at changing world of presenting with a key focus on festivals as locus of activity in communities. This course will cover the fundamental aspects of the performing arts presenting and festival activity in the U.S and abroad. By the end of the course, students will understand fundamental aspects of presenting and producing, including but not limited to: curating performance and programming a season; artist needs, negotiations and contracts; cultural exchange and diplomacy; accessibility and inclusion; and other topics unique to understanding the changing world of arts presenting.

Learning Outcomes: - By the end of this class, students will be able to: - Demonstrate a deeper understanding of trends affecting arts presenting regardless around the world - Analyze and articulate the organizational challenges and opportunities specific to the presenting business - Identify the role of festivals in building audiences, communities and economic development - Identify presenter networks and approaches to effective partnerships

Syllabus: 93-812_Presenting_Performing_Arts__Festivals_Syllabus_S19.pdf