Future Tenant: Strategy, Planning and Research Lab


Units: None

Description: This course will systematically examine each aspect of running a community-based exhibition and performance venue serving a diverse community of stakeholders in the Pittsburgh region. Topics will center on a foundation of the mission, vision, values statement of the organization with a secondary emphasis on the current strategic plan. Historical and professional examples will be explored as guides for planning events and activities. We will begin by examining each topic as it relates to the mission, vision, values and strategic plan as it applies to programming, marketing, fundraising and facilities, concentrating on strategy, planning, audience development, budgeting, fund development, goals, evaluation and governance. Guest speakers composed of faculty, University administration, Advisory Committee and alumni will present and aid various points of topic development. Students will develop clear targets, goals and evaluation criteria for each piece of programming and all activities with specific attention paid to audience, artist and their own career development. Each piece of programming with have a planning, formative and summative evaluation conducted through the use of collected quantitative and qualitative data sources. Training and pedagogy will be progressive based on data obtained through evaluation and experience following the program calendar for each successive term. Graded assignments will center on individual and group research and the construction of planning guides and tool mastery.