External Relations: Sponsorships and Grants


Units: 6

Description: Building on the fundamentals introduced in External Relations: Fundraising and Philanthropy (93-826) this course examines how fundraising theory works practically to support sponsorship programs and grant activities in nonprofit arts organizations of various sizes. The course will begin with a discussion of the funding landscape, as defined by public agencies, private foundations, and corporations. Through practical application, students will explore the ways in which planning, research, data collection, evaluation, budgeting, relationship-building, and developing clear messaging is key to conducting any fundraising effort. We will explore the roles of grantees and grantors and acquire a practical understanding of how to position the work of our organizations to meet our fundraising goals. Finally, we will research funding opportunities, write our own proposals, and conduct a peer review process in order to evaluate grant proposals.

Syllabus: 93-827_External_Relations_Fundraising_and_Institutional_Giving_Syllabus_S19.pdf