Live Music: Touring and Revenue Streams


Units: 6

Description: Many music industry executives assert that while the top 5% of music artists can still make money selling records, the other 95% go on tour. The changes in the music industry have affected everything from how people listen to their favorite artists to the profit revenue streams for labels, promoters and artists. This course will examine the live music touring industry on various levels, from DIY, to mid-level road dogs, to arena giants. There will also be a focus on the personnel behind a successful tour including the management team, booking agents, promoters, publicists, venue owners, roadies, and technicians. Well discuss life on the road from the artist’s perspective and how each team member can best interact with and support the artist. Students will work to identify and optimize touring monetization and identify best practices for promotion and merchandising including the importance of sponsorship and branding. Students will also be able to understand the practical aspects of touring deals and the intricacies of a tour budget.

Syllabus: 93-844_Live_Music_Touring__Revenue_Streams_Syllabus_S19.pdf