Production Management


Units: 6

Description: Course Description: This class examines the nuts and bolts of Film and Television production, specifically from the Studio, Network, and Line Production perspective. The syllabus follows the common practices and protocols of the Industry from Pre-Production, through Production and Post-Production, including discussion of the tangential marketing and distribution business sectors as they relate to Production Management. In addition to lecture and discussion format, the class will include participation by guest speakers to cover specific areas of domain expertise. Finally, the course will cover some of the best practices and personal development guidelines that relate to the unique business culture of entertainment, including some historical perspective

Learning Outcomes: Course Objective: • Understand the roles of the studio/network executive, producer (creative, line, “executive”), department heads, technicians, artists and other crafts people in production positions, and how these positions contribute to the nuts-and-bolts production process; • Recognize the creative and business decision processes made during all production phases, and how those decisions can support or detract from a film. TV show or program’s success; • Develop awareness of the common practices and various influences that shape day-to-day production decisions and transactions within the Industry. • Identify the corporate structure of the Studio and Network system, and how it has evolved in relationship to the overall global marketplace for entertainment.

Syllabus: LA_93-852_Production_Management_Syllabus_F18.pdf