Intellectual Property


Units: 6

Description: The objective of this course is to provide students with a practical understanding of the underlying legal principles of intellectual property laws regulating the creation and exhibition of entertainment content. The class covers the basic legal concepts of intellectual property law, including case study, but is aimed at non-lawyers and non-law students.

Learning Outcomes: To examine and understand the various intellectual property laws in the United States that impact entertainment production and exhibition. To learn the fundamental differences between the various intellectual property disciplines and be equipped to identify when one or more areas of intellectual property law may apply to a given situation in the entertainment industry. To provide an overview of Copyright, Patent and Trademark law in the United States and how it may impact non-lawyers in the entertainment industry. To understand the basics of Trade Secret and unfair competition law. To recognize advanced Intellectual Property Concepts, such as Ownership, Enforcement and International Considerations.

Syllabus: LA_93-855_Intellectual_Property_Syllabus_S19.pdf