Business Development


Units: 6

Description: Business development uses the lenses of strategy and commercialization to identify opportunities for expansion and growth. It relies heavily on its functional cousins - Sales, Marketing, Finance and Corporate Strategy. Each functional area will be explored within the various sectors of the entertainment industry through class discussions, assignments and a final project. In this class, we will focus on business development in media and entertainment. • The class will examine how entertainment executives leverage product development, sales and marketing opportunities to facilitate growth. • We will discuss how to effectively be an entrepreneur while navigating relationships inside and outside the corporation. • Students will explore the development of business models, alternative monetization strategies, and develop a POV on investment/funding as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A). • We will cover topical challenges and decisions that entertainment executives face in today’s fragmented and digitally enabled landscape including platform segmentation, cross-marketing, product windowing, and bridging the culture gap between Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Learning Outcomes: The objectives of this class are to convey a broad understanding of the role of a business development executive, develop POV about trends and challenges facing the entertainment industry, and how to navigate a cross functional corporate world. By the end of the course, students should be able to: How Assessed Understand the role of the business development executive and how they fit in the overall corporate landscape. Differentiate how various disciplines affect the development and execution of business growth strategy including competitive market analysis,alternative business models and principles of marketing, pricing, business to consumer/business to business marketing, and distribution models. Identify tools and practices that affect change and promote growth to a business with consideration to all constituencies. Articulate how a business development executive incorporates innovation into the marketplace within a corporate structure.

Syllabus: LA_93-856_Business_Development_Syllabus_S19.pdf