Digital Strategy


Units: 3

Description: This course explores various social media platforms and how they fit into a studio’s marketing plan. By studying real-world examples from studios, networks, cable and OTT providers, independent distributors, MCNs and other outlets and platforms you will learn practical techniques as well as big-picture strategies. In the process, you'll execute numerous assignments, including writing and promoting your own social media.

Learning Outcomes: Goals & Objectives: At the end of this term, students should be able to... 1. Critically evaluate various social media and determine their uses and drawbacks. 2. Understand branding and how brands are perpetuated, enhanced and damaged online. 3. Analyze the various stakeholders and how to integrate their needs into a campaign. 4. Distinguish between rules, conventions, etiquette, ethics, and best practices. 5. Plan a social media marketing campaign to achieve measurable objectives.