Future of Industry


Units: 3

Description: The entertainment industry in the 21st century is changing significantly on creative, technical and business levels. This course will present an overview of how the latest developments across business, technology and storytelling are transforming the industry. The course is updated each year to reflect the latest trends and takeaways. Conducted in a seminar format, students are encouraged to express their opinions and to engage with one another over the factors they perceive as affecting the growth and development of what will become, in fact, their industry. Each session will explore a different set of perspectives on these evolving developments, including: - Storytelling – What are the narrative trends and 21st century paradigm shifts that are emerging for the future? - Technology – How digital technology is affecting the way content is produced, distributed and consumed? - Business – What are the emerging models, practices, and paradigms that are taking over from 20th century models and practices to ensure adequate monetization and growth?

Learning Outcomes: Define the major future-oriented trends across three aspects of the industry: Storytelling, Business, and Technology Build awareness of those trends, and their relationship to older, established industry conventions and practices Assess the potential risks to traditional industry practices across the three aspects and model potential future scenarios within each aspect Share the opinions of industry experts within each aspect as to the effects of these developments on their work, and where they think these trends will continue to impact the industry

Syllabus: LA_93-865_Future_of_the_Industry_Syllabus_S19.pdf