Branded Entertainment


Units: 3


Price is not the only measure of value for consumers. Perceived value is derived from a combination of characteristics including quality, reliability, positive or negative associations, and memorability, to name a few. These are not only factors that impact a consumer¿s purchase decision, but also qualities that make up a brand. Strong brands, then, build equity and real financial value for companies. Building and maintaining a brand is a philosophical and tactical undertaking. In this course, students will build a foundational understanding of branding through class discussions, articles and case studies. Students will examine the difference between brand and marketing/communications as well as the importance of brand as business and it¿s application to global branding. They will also examine how a company finds and communicates value proposition relative to their competitors, users and communities at large. Students will consider the impacts of brand valuation as well as the spectrum of branded content. Class participants will look at how branded content is evolving with new technology and communications methods. Students will then be able to apply this groundwork to various marketing and communications tactics globally and across all media platforms, both traditional and modern.