Independent Study Courses



Description: *94-100 is a generic course number to capture all Independent Study Courses for the purposes of this course catalog. The actual course number will vary.* Independent Study and Directed Reading courses allow for one-on-one interaction between a professor and a student. These courses allow you the flexibility to direct your own coursework. It is a faculty member’s discretion whether to take on an independent study or not, therefore independent studies generally are built upon mutual interests of the student and faculty member. You and the professor should agree in advance on a program of study and a method of evaluation. The number of course units should equal the expected number of hours per week required during the semester. To receive approval for an independent study course, you must submit an 'Independent Study Contract' to the faculty advisor accompanied by a memorandum which describes the plan for this independent study or directed reading course and includes the number of units to be earned, the outcome of the independent study (i.e., a paper or series of papers, etc.). The faculty advisor must sign the petition and the memorandum. These should be submitted to the Program Director prior to beginning your study; without this memo, you will not receive credit for this course. Independent study courses may only be directed by full-time faculty at the Heinz College unless permission is received in advance from the Program Director. You may not count independent study or directed reading courses toward fulfilling requirements in the Common Core or towards completion of your degree without approval from your Program Director. If you wish to take more than 12 units of such courses, you must submit a petition to the Associate Dean no later than one week prior to the add/drop deadline for the mini or semester.