Business Writing


Units: 6

Description: This course focuses on effective writing techniques for professionals. Assignments include a business proposal, an employment letter, a memo, a performance evaluation, and interoffice correspondence. Since writing is a cumulative skill, an emphasis is placed on the revision process through in-class workshops. Students learn to communicate professionally and succinctly using a variety of business formats.

Learning Outcomes: COURSE OBJECTIVES (using Bloom’s revised taxonomy of learning) Students will be able to... Remember: Identify appropriate business formats. Understand: Demonstrate an understanding of the audience, the purpose, and the message. Apply: Develop a unified structure, logical connections, and transitional devices. Convey professional language, defined voice, and appropriate style. Analyze: Compare and contrast writing samples. Evaluate: Complete self and peer evaluations using a rubric. Create: Produce documents that can be utilized in professional situations.

Syllabus: 94-701_291.pdf