Healthcare Information Systems


Units: 12


In a value-based care delivery environment with its emphasis on improving costs and service efficiency without risking quality of care, information technology has emerged as a powerful driving force in helping to achieve multiple goals within healthcare organizations. The explosive advances in information technology combined with the current challenges facing healthcare delivery have created the need for skilled individuals who can develop, understand, manage, and integrate healthcare information systems in organizations. This course will explore the concepts and application of major information systems methodologies and approaches in the delivery of modern healthcare systems, including traditional face-to-face, online, and mobile and social media enabled care delivery. A semester-long group project that synthesizes the different topics via the design and implementation of a working, integrated, healthcare decision support application will be a required component of the course.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand and appreciate the role and value of information technologies in potentially revolutionizing healthcare delivery, administration, education, and research;
2. Distinguish the various types of healthcare information, including knowledge, data, sources, processes and standards;
3. Identify major healthcare informatics applications and develop basic familiarity with healthcare IT products;
4. Analyze obstacles and success factors for implementation and integration of information, communication and decision technologies in healthcare;
5. Discuss the technical and policy implications of introducing informatics applications into healthcare for process efficiency and quality of care;
6. Develop teamwork skills to mediate the communication between healthcare professionals and information technology personnel;
7. Acquire hands-on experience in analyzing a problem arising from practice and implementing a solution using a healthcare informatics approach.

Prerequisites Description