Business Process Modeling


Units: 6


Processes are the core technologies of all organizations for producing and delivering products and services that satisfy customer needs. Increasingly, in order to continue to serve their customers and remain competitive, organizations are required to continuously analyze, redesign, and improve their end-to-end core business processes in shorter and shorter time frames to achieve operational goals. Realizing this end-to-end business process integration requires an IT infrastructure that enables people, processes, and information to be integrated in a flexible manner.

Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate the relationships between business processes, strategy, and organizational performance. Define various process flow measurements and methods for calculating them. Diagnose the root causes of poor process performance and recommend appropriate managerial levers for improving them. Model, analyze, simulate, and redesign a process to achieve specific performance goals. Define the challenges and opportunities associated with IT-enabled business process automation. Create a business process mapping using Oracle’s BPM suite