Acting for Management


Units: 6

Description: Actors use "tools" (their voice, body, focus) to convey emotion and tell stories to audiences. Acting for Management will help you utilize the actor's tools to become a more powerful and persuasive presenter, to feel more confident when communicating with others, to understand your audience and to show the world the best and most authentic version of you. Through in-class exercises, prepared acting scenes and discussion, we will explore the use of physical tools (voice and body) as well as non-physical tools (imagination, emotion, focus, intention). Exercises and scenes will include situations you will encounter in professional organizations such as teamwork, conflict and power, among others. Because success in professional settings depends on your ability to clearly and dynamically communicate your ideas and skillfully navigate the "politics" of the organization, our focus for the class will be how to transfer the actor's tools to real-world situations. Acting for Management is about you and your individual growth. To make the most of it, you will need to attend all classes and participate fully in activities.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this class, you should: -Be able to define your strengths as a presenter and areas for continued work -Use the actor's tools to shape your performances and presentations -Exhibit increased confidence in performing and presenting -See an increase in your willingness to be spontaneous and take risks