Strategy Development


Units: 6


This course introduces students to frameworks for understanding strategy development and implementation. Through a combination of theory and practice, students will be exposed to processes for formulating a sound, rational business strategy as well as the discipline required to successfully implement that strategy. Classic strategy articles and cases from Harvard Business School are utilized in the course. Course activities and concepts include: 1) industry analysis, 2) internal capabilities assessment, and 3) appropriate linkage to an organization's vision, mission, objectives, and historical performance. In addition, although these processes are most often attributed to private sector operations, this course is designed to consider the similarities and differences of strategy development in government entities and nonprofits as well. There are no prerequisite courses.

Learning Outcomes

-Provide a broad overview of strategic thinking, strategy development, and tactical execution in a variety of contexts.  Introduce foundational concepts and frameworks that are used "in the real world" to craft winning strategies.
-Identify and clearly define a problem/issue
-Analyze and question data and information in a rigorous manner
-Generate and organize qualitative and quantitative evidence to support arguments and recommendations
-Listen to, respect and heed the advice and ideas of others

Prerequisites Description