Programming R for Analytics


Units: 6


An introduction to R, a widely used statistical programming language. Students will learn to import, export and manipulate different data types, analyze datasets using common statistical methods, design, construct and interpret statistical models, produce a variety of different customized graphical outputs, create scripts and generate reproducible reports. There will be a focus on using this experience to apply these skills in public policy areas.


91801 Statistical Methods for Managers or

90711 Statistical Reasoning with R

90707 Statistical Reasoning or

95796 Statistics for IT Managers or

90777 Intermediate Statistical Methods

Learning Outcomes:

  • Import, export and manipulate various types of stored data and datasets.
  • Produce statistical summaries of continuous and categorical data.
  • Produce basic graphics using standard functions.
  • Create more advanced graphics using ggplot2 and packages.
  • Perform basic statistical and hypothesis tests.
  • Develop classification and regression models and generate common performance metrics.
  • Create reproducible reports with R Markdown.

Prerequisites Description:

91801 or 90711 or 90707 or 95796 or 90777