Coaching, Training & Employee Development


Units: 6


In the fast-paced global economy, only those companies that are able to learn quickly and effectively will advance. This course is designed to take a practical approach in exploring individual and organizational strategies designed to stimulate learning and personal growth in organizations. In addition, the course is aimed at facilitating understanding of individual development from both leader and individual contributor perspectives.  In short, the course has been designed to accomplish two major objectives.

First, students will learn some theoretical foundations, behavioral applications and practical challenges involved in employee training and development in the business environment.

Second, this course will focus on personal development; the goal being to obtain greater self-awareness to help make you a more effective leader, teammate and person.

Integrating these perspectives will enable students to experience how both personal and organizational development needs can lead to individual satisfaction and well-being, while impacting organizational learning and effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes:

1. To increase participants’ self-awareness and influence skills

2. To recognize how people and the environment impact learning

3. To develop participants’ coaching skills

4. To familiarize participants with fundamentals of instructional design

5. To promote the principles of a learning culture in participants’ careers