The Science of Growth


Units: 6

Description: In the Science of Growth course, we spend a mini focused on how a company or a product scales and to identify and reinforce sustainable growth practices. We look at twenty companies in pairs that have achieved product-market fit at about the same point in history with the same general target customer. Some have gone on to achieve real scale while others languished. For the startups that achieve scale, they generate wealth for founders and early investors. More importantly, many changed the world. Steve Jobs spoke of the ability to 'dent the universe' by creating something truly revolutionary used by millions of people. In this course, we'll codify a set of best practices and vocabulary to increase the probability of having that kind of impact. As a serial entrepreneur turned VC, the instructor understands the entrepreneurial journey and its pitfalls.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the class, students will exhibit ability to: • Generate growth in high growth startups and new product introductions in the enterprise by understanding best practices at each stage of development • Work on product design and development through a lens of their impact on customer acquisition and growth. • Properly think about creating and managing network effects. • Use data for their strategic advantage.

Syllabus: 94-850_The_Science_of_Growth_Syllabus_F18.pdf