Design Thinking Methods and Practice: Catalyzing Creativity for Innovation


Units: 3

Description: Key faculty members from the School of Design faculty have teamed up to offer a unique executive education-style seminar that will allow to tap into your creativity to solve problems and deliver optimal user-centered results. Forbes, Fast Company, and The Economist have all recently reported on the value of design thinking as a core skill/methodology in the managerial processes and recruitment efforts of companies across all sectors. Delivering great user experiences requires creativity and collaboration. This fast-paced short course will introduce you to human centered design thinking methods and practices through a variety of hands-on activities. Following a broad introduction to product and service design concepts, teams will be equipped with visualization techniques and empathic tools for an active field research experience. Utilizing materials collected from the field, you will then be guided through a workshop on collaborative problem solving through a combination of rational and intuitive approaches for synthesis and analysis. You will engage in processes for idea generation including sketching and diagramming, concept mapping and low-fidelity prototyping. You will gain a competitive edge through presentation, data visualization, constructive critique and rapid iteration, infusing user-experience design thinking and agile methods into your own working process. Capacity is very limited, and priority registration will be given to students enrolled in Systems Synthesis/Capstone/Project courses this semester. *ATTENDANCE REQUIRED FOR ALL 3 SESSIONS - Friday, January 26 2018 9 am - 4 pm; - Saturday, January 27 2018 9 am - 4 pm; - Friday, February 2 2018 1 pm - 3 pm (final presentation) This course is graded as Pass / No Pass on the basis of 100% attendance, participation, and delivery of all requirements (homework assignment, project/reflection essay and presentation)